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The first thing to understand about hiring a professional security company is that all companies are NOT the same.  You need to do a little homework in making your decision.


Yes, price is a consideration, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.  The cheap security companies cannot afford things that protect you like liability insurance, workman’s compensation, and background checks on employees.  The brutal truth is that many companies do not offer you this type of protection, which leaves you vulnerable.  For a security company to leave you unprotected and vulnerable speaks volumes about the security company’s morals and ethics.

Training & Certifications

A leader in determining installation standards for the electronic security & life safety fields is in the national Installation Quality Certification Program (IQ).  IQ Certification gives consumers a way to identify alarm companies that are committed to providing them with high-quality security and life safety systems.  To become certified, a company must pass a rigorous screening process by the IQ Certification Board.  Make sure the security company you choose employs only licensed/certified security technicians and is IQ Certified.  In addition, involvement in National Associations like the Electronic Security Association, the New York State Electronic Security Association, and the Western New York Fire Marshalls Association shows professionalism.

These are the reasons that Amherst Alarm is your best value!

1.  ANET Secure Monitoring gets the signal through!  There are many potential problems that phone line only communication can have on your security system.  If the phone line is not working because of a storm, power failure, cut lines, intruder line compromise, VOIP issues, or the many other things that can cause problems, the basic alarm system cannot get the message through in an emergency.  With ANET Secure Monitoring you can have confidence that the signal will get through for proper emergency response!

2.  Your security system from Amherst Alarm has a one (1) year complete warranty.  Some companies offer as little as 90 days for a warranty.  Amherst Alarm installs only high quality equipment that will last.  Our systems are installed by our own nationally certified technicians.

3.  When you have questions or need service you can call Amherst Alarm 24 hours a day and speak to a trained associate.  You will never get an answering machine or voicemail at Amherst Alarm.  Our dispatchers are trained in the operation of your system and can assist you 24 hours a day.  You will never be speaking to someone who is at an out-of-town office.  By calling one number, you can get answers to any of your questions.

4.  Amherst Alarm is locally owned with its own UL-Listed Monitoring Response Center.  Some national companies, and even smaller companies, have their customer’s alarm monitored at out-of-town offices or sub-contract centers.  Amherst Alarm has the local team and facilities to serve you expertly.  The possibility of mistakes multiplies when your emergency signals are routed to other parts of the country.

5.  Amherst Alarm is big enough to provide excellent service, yet still personalized in its customer service.  As a full service security company, Amherst Alarm has the manpower and resources to serve you properly when you need it.  At the same time, we are not part of a large multi-divisional corporate structure that cannot provide quality service.