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6.) How can I prevent it from being a problem in my home or business & how can I alert my family or staff to the presence of Carbon Monoxide? Make sure that you have your heating equipment and exhausts checked and cleaned regularly. CO detectors, alarms and monitors are used to detect the presence of CO.

7.) How do these Carbon Monoxide Detection devices work? They are designed to sense the presence of CO and will either go into alarm or alert over time depending on the type of device. Detectors: are connected to a fire alarm or security panel and will alarm at 70 ppm over 60-240 min. Alarms: are battery operated or plug in units that follow the same guidelines as Detectors and are used in residences. Monitors: Depending on the manufacturer can detect low levels and alert for CO detected as low as 5-10 ppm.

8.) Are there laws that require me to install CO detectors in my home? Yes, there are laws that will vary by jurisdiction. In New York State, Amanda’s Law has been in effect since 2010 and pertains to residences. Most jurisdictions have not had CO laws in place until recent deaths from CO poisonings in commercial buildings have occurred.

9.) Are there laws that require me to install CO detectors in my business? Yes, in December 2014, Governor Cuomo signed the “Steve Nelson Bill.” It requires all commercial buildings to have CO detection. “Effective June 27, 2015 CO detection is required in all commercial buildings that have a source of CO.” A transition period through June 27, 2016 allows those who will be required to install CO detection to have systems installed and operating. All CO detection systems shall be monitored.

10.) When a CO device reads 0 or 00 on a digital display, does that mean that no CO is present in the air? No, contrary to popular understanding, UL requires that detectors and alarms automatically display 0 or 00 on the CO display screen until the concentration reaches 30 ppm. ONLY CO monitors can automatically display at readings below 30 ppm.