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Smart home technology will become mainstream this year. It’s no longer futuristic (sorry, Jetsons): it’s here, it works, and it’s popular, yet certain myths about this technology persist.

Here are four that you’ve probably encountered that are no longer true, and should not hold you back: 

Myth: Smart homes are for technical people

Truth: Nearly half of Americans will own smart home technology by the end of this year.

All good myths have a basis in truth, and it’s true that smart homes used to be restricted to technical early adopters and millionaire owners of expensive custom-built systems, but this is no longer the case. Times have changed, and millions of homeowners now enjoy the enhanced security, convenience and savings that a smart home offers.


Thanks to new technology like cloud platforms that connect devices together, and wireless communications, the smart home is accessible to everyone.

Myth: You have to set everything up yourself  

Truth: A service provider can install and configure everything for you.

Installing smart home technology on your own can be hard work. You need to be comfortable with electrical wiring, HVAC systems, networking and more. We recommend having one of our smart home experts, plan, install and configure a state-of-the-art, yet affordable smart home for you, and then provide dedicated technical support for the life of your contract.


Myth: Smart home technology is hard to operate

Truth: A solution with a single platform and app makes things easy.

There are some real smart home horror stories out there, but they’re typically do-it-yourself smart home projects with too many different products, apps and platforms. A whole-home solution like Anet 24 simplifies things with a single app that controls your entire home: security system, thermostat, lights, locks, garage door and more.


Since everything is connected by a single platform, you can automate all of your devices.

Myth: A smart home is expensive

Truth: A smart home gives you great value.

Upgrading your home with smart technology can pay you back many times over by alerting you of a fire, burglar or flood so that you can react quickly. In addition, a smart home can reduce your energy bills, makes day-to-day life easier, and provides valuable peace of mind.


You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars on devices to get started, either.

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