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This year, choosing a great Father’s Day gift just became a little easier. Dads will appreciate a high-tech gadget to show off while having greater peace of mind knowing their families are safer with Anet 24, a trusted home security and automation solution, that can help protect what matters most.

Anet 24 allows Dad to remotely arm and disarm his system, access live video of his home, manage energy consumption by controlling thermostats, small appliances and lights from any web-enabled device, and receive notifications and alerts via phone, e-mail, or text.

The smart home features of Anet 24 can make any Dad smile this Father’s Day:

For the Business Traveler: For Dads constantly on the go, Anet 24 can be programmed to handle daily responsibilities to make home management less stressful. Through the app, Dads can arm their homes, create a schedule to regulate thermostats, or virtually check-in on kids throughout the day or night.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast: For Dads who like to spend time outdoors hiking or playing golf, but don’t want to sacrifice security and convenience while away from home, Anet 24 allows them to set automatic timers for lights or unlock/lock the door for a dog walker, remotely as needed.

For the Stay-at-Home Dad: For Dads juggling household chores and childcare, Anet 24’s video capabilities can provide a live feed and serve as an extra set of eyes to ensure everything in the home is safe and secure.

For the Dad in the Doghouse: For Dads always running into trouble with their partners for leaving lights on and forgetting keys, Anet 24 allows users to remotely lock and unlock doors and control lights from any web-enabled device.

Every father wants to know their family and home are secure. With Anet 24, Dads not only can help protect what matters most in their lives, but also experience total home control.

To learn more about Anet 24, and to receive a free in-home security assessment, give us a call today at (716) 632-4600.