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With everyone’s favorite spooky holiday coming up soon, parents and kids need to have extra care when going out trick or treating. Walking the streets at nights on Halloween should be no different than any other holiday; the same goes for protecting your home. So take the time to go over some tips we have to keep your home safe this spooky time of the year.


As all trick or treaters know, a house with the lights turned on mean that someone is home, with the lights off meaning no one is home. The same message goes for potential burglars too, except they won’t move on when the lights are out. If you do go out for Halloween, no one else is home, and you turn out your lights, make sure you lock your doors and windows and arm your alarm system.


Candles can certainly add a level of spookiness to any Halloween décor. But never forget that candles are a fire hazard. Make sure there is no chance they’ll get knocked over. Exercise caution if placing candles inside carved out pumpkins or place electric candles inside instead. And always blow them out when you’re done with them.


Little kids aren’t gonna be the only ones out on Halloween night. There’s always the chance some troublemakers will try some classic tricks, like throwing eggs or teepeeing your house. Like dealing with any burglar, having the lights on tells any passing hooligans that someone is home, and will see them commit any stupid acts. If any do attempt to vandalize, cameras installed outside your home can capture any footage of the vandalism.

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