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From all of us at Amherst Alarm, we would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday season. Whatever your plans are, taking a long vacation, or spending the day at a grandparent’s house, your home is still at risk for burglaries, fires, water damage, and furnace failure. This is one particular time of year where having an ANET Interactive powered smart home can pay off with extreme dividends.

With a smart home, you can control what aspects of your home are turned on even if you’re away for the holidays. A simple push of a button lets you arm any number of devices in your alarm system. Even if the power goes out or the internet/phone lines are down, you can still get alerts on your phone of any activity via ANET secure monitoring.

When you’re away from your home, your system sets the temperature of your thermostat automatically with just a touch to reduce your energy bills. If there are video cameras in your home, alerts, video clips, and live feeds can be viewed directly on your smartphone or any other enabled device. That way, you can see if anyone or anything has disturbed your premises.

The same could be said for your garage doors and electronic door locks. A simple push and your home gets another layer of protection. Even your home decorations can be turned on and off with a simple touch or by set schedule. Imagine coming home to see your home all lit up to celebrate the holidays. It can be done even with ANET’s geo-fencing.

For more information on how an ANET Interactive smart home can help you, call one of our security experts at 716-632-4600 or visit us at amherstalarm.com to learn more!