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One of the great products we offer at Amherst Alarm besides security systems are BEAM Central Vacuums. But even with the convenience that it brings to your home, there are still some surfaces or places a powerhead just can’t reach or clean.

That’s why your central vacuum system will often come with a wide variety of attachments for your various cleaning needs.

Dust Mops, with their blue fabric brushes, can be attached to make cleaning hard floor surfaces a breeze. Upholstery brushes work best on leather couches and chairs. Crevice tools work for those hard corners your powerhead or circular hose would have a hard time properly cleaning. And floor brushes work for those tile floors.

With the various brush attachments, you can clean up surfaces your regular powerhead won’t be able to properly clean. Hardwoods, tiles, upholstery, fans, vents, stairs, and hard to reach corners will be firmly in your grasp.

Studies done by the University at California-Davis showed a reduction of nasal, non-nasal, and eye allergies through the use of a BEAM Central Vacuum. Users also slept better thanks to the reduced pollutants. With a system like this in your home, you too can have the benefits of healthier living.

For more information about our BEAM Central Vacuum products, give us a call at 716-632-4600.