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Summer is almost here – and if you’re like most people, you probably have a trip on the horizon. But before you pack your bags, have you thought about what you’re leaving behind? A few simple security tips can save you unwanted trouble while you’re away.

Make them think you’re home – Simple measures alone may deter an intruder. For example:

  • When the sun goes down, lights make a home look lived in, particularly those on timers. Pair them with motion-activated outdoor floodlights for added protection.
  • Nothing says no one’s home like an overflowing mailbox and a pile of newspapers in the driveway. Make plans to have your mail held or picked up by a trusted neighbor.
  • Make sure to mow the lawn right before you leave. If you’ll be gone a long time, arrange to have it done in your absence.
  • Think about what you post on social media. While it’s fun to share your trip with your friends near and far, doing so is an easy way for the world to know you’re away from home.
  • Plan to shut off your water at the main valve unless household appliances or irrigation systems require it to remain on. In that case, you can turn off valves to the appliances you won’t need, such as your dishwasher and all sinks. It’s also a good idea to place your water heater on vacation mode.

Do a house check-up before you go – Make sure your vacation is the only big expense this summer. Certain home improvement emergencies can be avoided with a little prep ahead of time.

  • Test all smoke detectors to be sure they’re in good working order and, if applicable, properly connected to your monitoring system.
  • Unplug small appliances and electronic devices that won’t be in use during your absence. Not only do they use energy, they could be a fire hazard as well.
  • Turn up your thermostats to keep electricity costs down. However, consider plants, pets, and furniture in determining the temperature.

Ramp up home security – Some of these go without saying, but are also easily overlooked as you dash out the door. Make a list – and check it twice – before heading out.

  • Do one final walk-through before you leave home, checking to make sure all doors and windows are locked. Don’t forget exterior areas such as gates and sheds.
  • Leave your contact info with a trusted neighbor should anything go wrong in your absence.
  • Notify your security company of your travel dates so they will be on the lookout for any changes to your system.
  • If someone will be entering your home while you are away, make sure they know how to use your security system.

Vacations are made for relaxing. Protect your home before your next trip and leave your worries behind. Amherst Alarm makes it all easier with ANET24. You can find out more about what an Amherst Alarm system can do by watching this video!

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