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Feel Safe & Secure in Your New Home With Amherst Alarm.

Did you just purchase your new home? Or are you thinking of buying one in the near future? There are many updates and improvements that you can add to your new home, but all of the options can be overwhelming! Where should you start?

When you get a new Amherst Alarm home security system, there are some other options that can enhance your security even more. You can give your home some helpful upgrades that will ensure your transition into home ownership is as smooth as possible. Here are some products that will help keep you and your new home safe and secure:

A doorbell camera is a helpful feature to keep you safe & secure in your new home.

Doorbell Camera:

You may not be used to the new neighborhood or what time the mailman delivers your packages. With a doorbell camera, you can monitor who is on your front porch and why they are there, directly from your smartphone.

Door Sensors:

Do you have a little one that may be afraid of the new space and will try to wander into your room or downstairs at night? We can put a contact sensor on their door and it will send an alert to your smart phone if the door is opened.

Sump Pump Sensor & Monitoring:

You may not be used to maintaining your home yet if you just moved in. Flooding due to a sump pump malfunction can be unexpected and costly. You can rest easy with our sensors and 24/7 monitoring. If the pump stops working, we will let you know immediately to detect a flood.

Smart Thermostat:

You probably won’t be familiar with your new home’s energy bills until you’ve lived there for at least a year, but you can start lowering them right away with a smart thermostat! Use your smartphone’s location to automatically save while you’re away. Adjust the temperature in each room. Additionally, it can adjust for very hot or cold weather in an instant.

Interested in hearing more about any of these options or would like to set up an appointment? Give us a call today at 716-632-4600. We are happy and proud to serve you!