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Post-holiday Security Tips With Amherst Alarm!

The holiday season is coming to an end. We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your family and that you received some nice gifts as well. Here are some helpful ways you can protect your presents.

Break Down Boxes

Don’t leave the boxes your new items came in by the side of the road for an extended period of time. A large TV box in front of your home is basically a billboard advertising that you have a brand-new TV inside! Break your boxes down as much as possible and put them into a recycling container or bring them out as close as you can to your collection time.

Monitor Your Packages

You may still be getting gifts in the mail from friends or family members that live far away. If that’s the case, it’s a great idea to get a doorbell camera from Amherst Alarm so you can see when your packages arrive and who is at your front door. When someone approaches your door, you will receive a notification on your phone with live video of who it is. It will also integrate with your other alarm.com cameras so you can conveniently view it from one app!

Be Wary of Social Media

Be careful what you post on social media! It might be tempting to post all of your new gifts on Facebook to share with your friends, but you never know who else could be looking at your photos. They may be searching your profile to see what gifts you got or when you will be away. Send photos to people directly or make sure they are private on social media.

Peace of Mind is the best gift of all

The above tips are some great steps you can take to secure your home. We may be a bit biased, but the absolute best way to protect your home and everything in it is a security system from Amherst Alarm! We have local award-winning monitoring, professional security experts that will design a custom system for your home or business, and we only use the highest quality security products to ensure you will be protected.

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