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Monitoring Your Business Is Easier with Connect ONE

Whether it’s one or a hundred locations with multiple panels, they can all be managed in real-time from any web-enabled device on ONE screen with a single log-in credential. Connect ONE interfaces with the complete line of DMP panels.

The top reasons for getting Connect ONE for your business:

  • Save time by connecting to all locations with ONE login.
  • No IT support required.
  • Professionally managed and maintained offsite equipment.
  • Compatible with all popular operating systems and web browsers.
  • View multiple cameras from different locations on the same screen.
  • Quickly add users to Connect ONE’s database.
  • View activity from one or more locations on a single report.

Along with the above benefits, you can track employee time and projects for accurate cost analysis using a card or code for identification. Therefore, this can assist with increasing productivity within the workplace.

You can also tailor notifications to your specific needs, they can be sent via email or text. You can also customize who receives these notifications as well, for instance, security guards or other employees.

If you’d like to register for a live demo on Connect ONE, visit their website here.

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