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The COVID-19 pandemic creates an immediate need to avoid touching the same item by many people. When it comes to your security system we can help. Our Graphic Touchscreen and Thinline keypads let you arm or disarm your system without touching the screen or the buttons to enter your code. Just present your proximity credential to the keypad and eliminate the risk.


If you’re not yet using proximity credentials, you can choose from a variety of styles, all of which require no training to use. And, in light of social distancing recommendations, we’re happy to program and mail your credentials to you, ready to use when they arrive.


Your security system’s keypad can be another thing you don’t have to touch — you can either use your own credential or your own phone! The next time you need to arm or disarm your system, use your Virtual Keypad app — or have Alexa do it for you! Virtual Keypad can also activate your Favorites like locks, lights and thermostats. You can even program geofences on your cell phone to trigger your Favorites. By using your own phone, you’re avoiding touching anything that other people are touching. As our customer, you’ve taken the right steps to protect your home or business — please remember to take advantage of these and other touchless technologies to protect yourself from COVID-19!

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