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With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to consider what extra help is needed to ensure a safe and healthy season. Amherst Alarm has several options for your home or business.


Security Panel: With a variety of panels to choose from, you can take advantage of features such as two-way voice for emergency response, and severe weather alerts that notify you if dangerous conditions are detected nearby. Alarm.com’s Crash & Smash technology ensures that your system will still work even if the panel is smashed.


Video Camera: Keep an eye on what matters to you. Watch live streaming video anytime, get video alerts if a specific activity occurs, and watch recorded clips – all from your app.


Video Doorbell: A doorbell camera will allow you to see when your holiday packages arrive and when a guest arrived to your door for gatherings. It will also integrate with your other alarm.com cameras so you can conveniently view the video from one app!


Smoke & CO Detectors: Protect your family with safeguards for dangerous conditions. In the event of a fire, the system signals for emergency response. If carbon monoxide is detected, it shuts down the HVAC to limit the circulation.


Lighting Control: Manage lights with automatic schedules, and set rules to have lights automatically turn on in an alarm event for added visibility and safety.


Smart Thermostat: From keeping the family room comfortable on the weekend to having the whole house drop to an “electricity savings setting” when nobody is there, the smart thermostat uses all the security sensors around your home so it can automatically respond to different conditions and activities.


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