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Traditional alarm systems are monitored through your phone line, but what happens when your phone line is cut or you no longer want to keep a traditional phone? ANET Secure Monitoring doesn’t use a phone line, it runs independently and can even continue protecting your home or business in the event of a power failure.

Without ANET Secure Monitoring:

  • Your system is only as reliable as your phone service
  • Telephone lines can take 30 seconds or longer to send your alarm signal to your monitoring station
  • Criminals can disable your phone line with a simple pair of pliers
  • VOIP, Verizon FIOS or Spectrum/Internet communication issues can cause alarm signals to fail when they’re needed the most

What makes ANET Secure Monitoring so reliable?

Amherst Alarm’s comprehensive ANET Secure Monitoring communication network is the result of over 30 years of continuous development. Your system will always select the best route for signal transmission over our exceptionally strong alarm network. With phone-dependent communication, a tree or an intruder can disable phone communication, and while your siren will sound, the signal cannot be sent to the Monitoring Response Center.

What else can ANET do?

ANET Interactive delivers total security system awareness anywhere, anytime. Remotely arm or disarm your system, allow specific user access, and receive notifications of any alarm status change easily and securely. Whether you control your system through our easy to use app on your smartphone or online through any web browser, ANET Interactive keeps you in control!