BEAM Alliance

Upgrade to BEAM Alliance Today!

BEAM Alliance gives you breakthrough technology that elevates vacuum cleaning to a new standard. Our thoughtful approach of engaging homeowners and studying cleaning habits had prompted innovations such as the onboard 3-in-1 Cleaning tool, Fingertip Controls and 2-Way Communication between the hose handle and the power unit.

If you already have a BEAM Central Vacuum system, here are some of the great new features Alliance has to offer:

  • Lights in the handle let you know when it’s time to empty the bucket.
  • New high efficiency motor uses 30% less energy than a traditional central vacuum motor.
  • New Press & Release Bucket easily snaps in and out for emptying.
  • New illuminated Smart Screen helps you monitor the performance of your system.

For more information on which BEAM Alliance system is right for you, call one of our experts today at (716) 632-4600!

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