Eric Battaglia

For our Employee Spotlight this month, we are featuring Eric Battaglia in the Monitoring Response Center! Eric is a Senior Dispatcher here at Amherst Alarm.

1. What does your job entail?
As a Senior Dispatcher in the Monitoring Response Center, I enjoy being a hub of information for any persons requiring instruction, whether it be a customer, dealer, technician or fellow dispatcher. I am happy to assist the MRC Manager and Assistant Manager with day to day operations, while also performing the standard functions of an MRC Dispatcher; including but not limited to, signal processing, alarm handling, troubleshooting and facilitating after hours service calls.

2. What has been your proudest moment working at Amherst Alarm?
While handling a medical alarm, I made contact with a customer who had fallen down and was unable to get back up. While dispatching EMS to the customer’s location, I maintained contact with the customer. She told me that she had a heart condition and was very scared. I stayed on the line and together we made small talk and remained calm until help arrived on site. Making a phone call during the course of your work day might seem like a small thing to be proud of, but hearing the appreciation and relief in her voice when the fire department walked through her door is something I will never forget. Knowing I made a bad day a little better is definitely something I take pride in.

3. Favorite movie or tv show?
My favorite TV show would have to be Married…with Children.

4. Hobbies / interests outside of work?
Outside of work, I like to exercise my mind. I read avidly and enjoy doing various puzzles like crosswords, word jumbles, Sudoku and logic puzzles.

5. What is your favorite meal or place to eat?
My wife makes a mean pot pie but I’ll never say no if you tell me we’re going to Dairy Queen.

6. What is your dream vacation?
I have always wanted to travel to Peru and explore the ruins of the Incan Empire.

Thank you for all of your hard work, Eric!