Tom Creenan

Tom Creenan

We are featuring Tom Creenan from the Sales Department for our new Employee Spotlight! Tom has been with Amherst Alarm since 1987.

1. What does your job entail?
I meet with the customer, ask questions and listen to them on what they would like to do for their system. I also make them aware of all the new technology we have available. I follow through with the installation and show them how to work the system.

2. What is your history with Amherst Alarm?
It started in 1987 at our original headquarters at Dellwood Drive. I drove the original Amherst Alarm van with one other technician.

3. A memorable story from the job?
One memory I have from being an installer was putting my knee through the dining room ceiling of a ranch house while I was working in the attic.

4. Interests outside of work?
I enjoy going out to dinner or events with my family and traveling out of town to visit my relatives.

5. What is your favorite tv show?
I like to watch Live PD and The First 48 new season.

6. Best vacation spot?
We love to go to Hilton Head and stay at a resort on the ocean.

Thank you for all of your hard work, Tom! 👏