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kid arriving home from school home security Amherst Alarm


  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring

  • Security Alarm

  • Fire Detection

  • Mobile Control

  • Live Video

  • Secure Keyless Entry

We know how busy life can be, especially when school is in session. Having the ability to check on your children and pets when you are not home allows you to have the peace of mind you have been wanting. There are many solutions Amherst Alarm can offer to ensure the safety of your family, even while you are out of the house!

If your children come home before you leave work, they probably have a key so they can get inside. Unfortunately, keys can get misplaced or stolen, which leaves your home and family vulnerable to a break-in. Technology has advanced to allow keyless smart locks and customized user codes, so now you don’t even need a key! If your children end up forgetting the code, you can unlock your door, disarm your alarm, and take a quick video of them opening the door, all from your phone! You can also check in on your kids and pets to see what they’re doing at home while you’re not there with live video!

What are you getting?

The IQ2 Panel is very easy to use, no matter your age. You are able to receive notifications when your system is disarmed, sending you a disarm photo to your smartphone, allowing you to keep track of who is entering your home!

Burglar alarms are vital in deterring burglars. If an Amherst Alarm system is “tripped” a signal is sent to our UL listed 24-hour local alarm Monitoring Response Center, where our professional dispatchers are trained to respond to any emergency.

You are able to rest easy with sensors and detectors that are also monitored by our 24-hour Monitoring Response Center.

With our indoor cameras, you are able to view live video on your smartphone no matter where you are. You can set up Video Analytics to receive notifications based on various parameters you set.

You can also have the ability to control your security system from a computer or your smartphone.

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