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How do CO detectors protect you from CO poisoning?
CO detectors monitor the air and measure the amount of CO present over a time interval. When dangerous levels are calculated, CO detectors flash and sound a temp-4 alarm.

What are the benefits of a monitored CO detector?
Supervised detectors provide peace of mind by adding an extra level of protection for situations in which you can’t respond to an unsupervised alarm, such as when you’re sleeping, when the home is empty, or when you’re already suffering from the effects of CO. If the CO concentration hits a dangerous level, you’ll not only be notified by the detector and the control panel, but also by the Amherst Alarm Monitoring Response Center.

Are CO detectors required by law?
New York State passed a law in February 2010 that requires a CO detector in every home.

How do electrochemical detectors compare with other detectors?
Electrochemical detectors are the newest CO detectors. They take the most accurate readings of CO concentrations, from low levels of CO that may be hazardous over long periods of time to high concentrations that present an immediate danger.

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