CO Detector and a Flood Sensor

A carbon monoxide detector and a flood detector can help safeguard both your family and your home.

Home Environmental Alarm Monitoring Services

In addition to protecting your home from burglary, Amherst Alarm can also provide temperature control, flood, and carbon monoxide detectors. You may not think that there would be a need to monitor temperature or gases – but they can be as costly and deadly as a break-in or a fire.

If the temperature in your home drops below freezing, pipes can crack or burst, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in damage. A monitored low-temperature sensor warns you of the first sign of freezing temperatures inside your house.

What happens if the boiler, washer or pipes leak? Floods in your home can cause considerable damage and ruin your most precious possessions.

Over 3,000 deaths per year are associated with fires and more lives are lost to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a colorless, odorless, and deadly gas. Protecting your property from these elements can help keep your home and your family from certain danger.

Amherst Alarm has the solution that can be easily integrated into your total security system and even with home automation.