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Amherst Alarm has several solutions for homeowners looking for a way to integrate their home systems for easier management. A home automation system allows you to control all of your home systems from one interface and also allows you to preset many daily functions.

Home Automation Systems

Imagine as you leave your house for the day that the “Away” button on your home control system has been programmed to turn off all of your lights, adjust the thermostat, turn off the TV and music in the house, close your blinds, and arm your security system. These features are convenient, practical, and achievable. The best part is that these systems are only a fraction of the cost comparable systems were just a few years ago.

Multi-Room Audio Systems

A whole-home audio system allows you to listen to different music, in different rooms, at different volumes, all from one easy-to-use system. Now your Pandora, Spotify, Sirius Radio, and more are all available at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for a feature-rich, advanced system with high-performance speakers or simply wish to play your favorite tunes at the touch of a button and without compromising the style of your home, we can design and install a system that fits your needs perfectly!

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Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers in the walls and ceiling

Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers

For those looking for high audio performance, yet desire the aesthetic benefits that only true invisibility can offer, Stealth raises the bar for invisible speakers to an unprecedented level. As you can see in the picture on the left, once the speakers are installed and covered up, they are undetectable to visitors, until they are powered on of course!

From foreground music systems to home theaters, Stealth provides you with the most capable and best-sounding family of totally invisible architectural speakers available in the world.

Home Theater Systems

Of all of the home systems available, the home theater tends to be the one that stands out from the rest. It is the pinnacle of home entertainment. A dedicated room to watch the big game, or enjoy the latest Blu-Ray movie, the home theater is truly more than just a room: it’s an experience!

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Control4 Certified Showroom in Baltimore, MD

Control4 Smart Home solutions are not one size fits all. They are completely customizable solutions perfect for all sorts of spaces and budgets, aimed to make life at home more convenient and enjoyable. Our smart home professionals are experts at turning your house into a dream haven.

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