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Smoke Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Business

A fire alarm system is a must in any commercial environment. In fact in New York State it’s the law. The early warning of a fire that our fire alarm systems provide can and will save lives. Our fire alarm systems are not only designed to save lives but to protect your business from the devastating affects of fire. From a small coffee shop to a large commercial complex, Amherst Alarm offers solutions to meet all your fire safety needs.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

One of the best fire alarm systems to have installed is the addressable fire alarm. Addressable fire alarm systems have many life safety and economic advantages over conventional zone-type systems. Conventional systems are easier to program and have lower equipment costs, but also have limited capability for expansion and provide less information during an alarm. Instead of being divided into zones, addressable devices each have their own unique address that pinpoints the exact location and type of alarm or trouble condition. Addressable systems are also easier to install and have more room for expansion.

Some addressable fire alarm systems automatically adjust the sensitivity level in smoke detectors based on the environmental conditions. This cuts down on false alarms. They’ll even tell you when a smoke detector is dirty and requires maintenance.

The Amherst Alarm Advantage

Our fire alarm systems can be configured to detect smoke, extreme changes in heat, and even water flow on a sprinkler system. Pull stations are placed at exits to manually activate the fire alarm even before a witnessed fire has a chance to reach a detector. This is an essential part of the early warning system and is vital when remaining in the building to call the fire department.

Every commercial property should have a fire alarm system installed to protect life and property. Please consider using Amherst Alarm to fulfill your life safety needs. We install business fire alarm systems in Amherst, Williamsville, Lancaster, Tonawanda, Orchard Park, Clarence, and all of Western New York!

In addition, monitored Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors should be installed to protect your business, and alert you if levels become unsafe.  Make sure your business is up to code, and read more about the CO Law here!

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