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The New Year is here, and with it comes a golden opportunity to improve your life in 2015. No, not by losing weight, but by enhancing the security at your home.

To help you, we’ve compiled a few home security resolutions that you’ll be able to keep past the first week of January.

Security Resolution #1: Create good habits.
Whether it’s locking doors, or setting the security system, the effectiveness of home security ultimately lies in the hands of the user. Get into the habit of setting the security system every time you leave the house, even if it’s just a quick trip to the store. No matter if you are home or away, always keep your doors and windows locked. These proactive habits will help you create a safer environment for your family and your property.

Security Resolution #2: Consider adding extras that enhance security.
In addition to creating good security habits, you should also consider beefing up your current security measures. Deny burglars access to your home by installing deadbolt locks. To help detect danger, implement life-saving extras such as system monitoring, surveillance cameras and carbon monoxide detectors. These additional features come at a small price when compared to the emotional and physical cost of a burglary or fire.

A trained professional is the most qualified to help you determine which security extras are best for your home.

Security Resolution #3: Update your security system.
Commit to the security of your home by installing new technology such as interactive services and home automation. Home automation uses integrated technology to connect the functions of a home with the user. This allows users to control the system remotely from a smart phone or tablet.

A few features of home automation include locking and unlocking doors; arming the security system; turning lights off and on, adjusting the thermostat, continuous control and real-time alerts– all from a web-enabled device. These features not only bring added security to your home, but also convenience, efficiency and control.

Whether you decide to increase your home’s security by creating good habits, enhancing your current security system or installing an interactive system, home security is an easy resolution you can keep this year and for years to come.