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Access control systems are a key feature of updated electronic security systems. Technology has allowed businesses to do more to protect their livelihoods than simple locks and keys, and Amherst Alarm can help point you in the right direction to keep your facilities, assets, employees and customers safe.

swipeAccess control systems help determine who can and cannot enter certain areas of your business and when. Some systems remain as simple as the aforementioned locks and keys, while others use keypads, biometric devices, pass cards or RFID-enabled key fobs to control access to those areas you deem off-limits to certain personnel.
A properly designed system can simplify the management of your facility. It will automatically grant or deny access to each individual according to access rights you as the manager set. Many systems come with ways to monitor the movement of employees throughout the building via recording when and where each employee uses their pass card, keypad password or RFID device.
Electronic door entry systems, when properly set up according to your business’s needs, can take the headaches out of access control. Questions as to which employees can be in certain areas and when they are authorized access can be easily solved when each employee’s key fob or access card is programmed with their individual level of access. A timing component can be introduced as well, for example allowing employees access to their work areas only during business hours. In addition, time schedules can be programmed to automatically unlock or lock the doors to the public for access into your business, providing one less responsibility for employees when entering and leaving the building.
Biometric technology continues to come down in price as well. Fingerprint, hand and iris scanners as well as facial recognition software is now available to more consumers than ever before. Biometric identification is even more secure, as unlike cards or fobs, they cannot be handed off, are much harder to lose and very difficult to falsify.

keypadModern systems are also built with safeguards to maintain security in cases of power failure as well. Door controllers can be installed with battery backups, and both on- and off-site data backup solutions can ensure your security information won’t be lost in the case of a catastrophic incident.
Cloud-based management software is another feature, that allows for complete control of your systems and monitoring for multiple sites. The software can be accessed from any web-enabled device including your smart phone or tablet. Allow temporary access, quickly remove access rights if needed for new employees or employee terminations, perform emergency lockdowns, integrate cameras, and photo identifications/badges all from the cloud-based service.


By combining the latest in electronic security with tried-and-true traditional methods, along with appropriate security policies and protocols, you can minimize security risks to your business and get back to focusing on your bottom line.