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fall fire safetyAs fall keeps on moving, the temperatures will keep dropping. And that means heating devices will be brought out in order to mitigate the coldness. With every time you light a fireplace or turn on a heater, it never hurts to make sure everything is in proper order so there’s no chance of a fire spreading. Here are some other helpful fire safety tips for preventing any potential fires in your home.

Home Heating

Have all your home heating devices in proper working order and up to code. Make sure they’re properly cleaned out. If you have a space heater, make sure they’re surrounded by plenty of empty space, avoiding any furniture, clothing, or other combustible items. Remember to turn your space heater off whenever you leave the house or go to bed. If you have a gas heater, make sure you have a sufficient amount of carbon monoxide detectors in your home.


When using your fireplace, always make sure the flue is properly open so that smoke can properly escape. If you have a gas fireplace, check the lines to make sure don’t have any leaks.

Flammable Liquids

Always make sure any flammable liquids like gasoline, lighter fluid, paint thinner, and aerosol are stored in a proper container and kept away from open flames and power outlets.

Take care of plants/roof gutters

Dry leaves can build up quickly in the gutters, and with that buildup comes another fire risk. Make sure to clean your gutters regularly not only so that leaves don’t build up, but also so any water stored there can properly drain out. Any dead tree branches hanging over your home could potentially catch fire as well, so prune any branches that didn’t have any leaves on them over the summer.

Check batteries in detectors

Always test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure the batteries in them still work. These can make all the difference in properly escaping your home in the event of a fire.

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