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BEAM AllianceBEAM Alliance

Do you have troubles managing your current, bulky vacuum cleaner? Does it seem less effective at picking up dust? Maybe it’s time to consider upgrading to a BEAM Alliance Central Vacuum system. One that offers much more convenience and benefits than traditional portable vacuums.

Instead of having one giant vacuum you have to carry around your home and clean out every time you finish vacuuming, you have one lightweight vacuum hose that plugs into multiple outlets around your home. Along with a variety of attachments that make your central vacuum quite versatile.

The BEAM Alliance has no messy filters or screens to clean or replace. Instead it has the Self-Cleaning Filter, which cleans itself every time the system is turned off. We also offer self-cleaning powerheads, saving you the trouble of untangling whatever might get caught up on your brushroll. Check out a demonstration of our new BEAM Precision Powerhead below.

Not only is the BEAM Alliance easier to use than traditional vacuums, it cleans your home better too. A University of California Davis study found that using a central vacuum system in place of a standard vacuum significantly reduces various allergy symptoms. Nasal symptoms went down 47%, eye allergies went down 61%, and sleep allergies went down 44%. BEAM Central Vacuums consistently remove dust and soil after repeated uses more so than traditional vacuums.

The BEAM Alliance also offers a quieter clean than the competition. Since the power unit of the vacuum is located in one spot of your home, such as your basement or garage, the vacuuming is much quieter than a traditional vacuum you had to lug everywhere. It also saves you money in the long run from having to buy an entirely new vacuum every few years.

To find out more about BEAM Central Vacuums, call us today at (716) 632-4600