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Looking for better home and business security in 2017? Here are some New Year’s resolutions to consider.

1. Update your system(s) password and call list

  • Has someone left your business?
  • Did a neighbor recently move away?
  • Contact Amherst Alarm to update your list by calling our Monitoring Response Center at 716-632-4600 or by email at monitoringresponsecenter@amherstalarm.com

2. Test Your Security System

  • Contact Amherst Alarm’s 24-hour Monitoring Response Center (MRC) by calling 716-632-4600
  • Provide your name, address, password
  • Let the dispatcher know you wish to test your security system
  • Arm your security system then intentionally let the siren sound
  • After the test has been completed, contact the MRC again. The dispatcher will confirm that signals from your security system were received.

3. Review your existing Security System(s) and Procedures

  • Make sure to document your current procedures before going through the following;
  • Did you have any incidents in 2016?
  • Did your security systems and procedures work?
  • Did you have adequate protection? What would you change?

4. Upgrade your security system

  • When did you install your security system?
  • You should consider upgrading your security system every 5 years.
  • You can stay protected with AnetSecure wireless alarm monitoring.
  • Be connected with ANET24 Interactive through your smartphone.

For more information on how you can get your security system ready for 2017, give us a call today at 716-632-4600.