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Man & Dog’s Best Friend is Peace of Mind!


Although our four legged friends are loyal and are great at offering protection, they need security too! Even if you have a very alert and cautious dog, a security system is still the best way to protect against intruders. Here are some reasons only relying on your dog for security may not be the best option:


An intruder may be someone familiar.

We never want to suspect that the people closest to us would steal our belongings, but it unfortunately does happen. If your dog is familiar with the burglar, they may not bark or alert you that someone has broken into your home.



An intruder may bring treats or toys to distract your dog, leaving your home un-guarded and open to a break-in.


Safety of your dog.

Your dog may be loyal and ready to protect you no matter what, but many burglars will stop at nothing to get what they want. If the burglar is armed, you would not want your furry friend to be hurt in the event of a break-in.



If you have a dog that growls at the wind, you’re probably used to their “alerts”. You may not take barking seriously if someone suspicious is outside your home – until it’s too late.


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