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Summer has flown by yet again! After you’re done with back to school shopping and finishing up your final summer plans – you may want to start thinking about having the peace of mind to check in on your children when they come home from school.

No More Lost Keys

If your children come home before you leave work, they probably have a key so they can get inside. Unfortunately, keys can get misplaced or stolen, which leaves your home and family vulnerable to a break-in. Technology has advanced to allow keyless smart locks and customized user codes, so now you don’t even need a key! If your children end up forgetting the code, you can unlock the door from your phone which will unlock your door, disarm your alarm, and take a quick video of them opening the door, so you know that they arrived safe and sound!

Easy Check-ins

Responsibility is a big part of growing up, but as a parent, you still worry about your kids and hope they make the best choices! If you have an ANET Interactive system, you can quickly check in on your kids to see what they’re doing at home and what friends they have over without bothering them. Another option is to have an alert sent to your phone when they open the front door or garage, so you know what time they arrived home after school.

Helpful Alerts

You are also able to get alerts if your system was not armed when you or the kids left home. If this happens, you can quickly and easily arm the system from your app and be on your way to soccer practice in no time.

With Amherst Alarm, you have the peace of mind and the ability to check-in on your home no matter where you are. Make your life, and your family’s life, easier and safer by giving us a call at 716-632-4600 to schedule your free security review today.