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Peace of Mind Can Mean More Than A Security System

You may want the ability to check in on your children, an elderly loved one, or a pet at the touch of a button. Amherst Alarm has a new wide-angle camera that makes this all possible – Wellcam. Wellcam is a state-of-the-art smart security camera, a two-way communications device, an activity sensor, and more.

Check-in on Your Children with Ease

Wellcam covers a wide area, like a kitchen or living room, in high definition. You can look in using your smartphone or tablet to see if your children arrived home from school, are doing their homework, or watching TV. You can also easily communicate through Wellcam’s high-quality speaker to let your kids know what time you’ll be home and that you’re thinking of them.

Ensure Your Loved Ones Are Active and Safe

Wellcam’s call-out button on the top of the camera lets your loved one easily begin a hands-free call to your smart device without having to find or dial your number. Wellcam is also an activity sensor, so alerts can be sent to your phone of motion detection to notify you that your elderly loved ones are active and healthy.

Monitor Your Pets from Afar

You can also check in on your pets from your smartphone or mobile device while you’re out of the house. Easily zoom in to see areas of the room more closely in a full HD display.


Along with the usefulness of the Wellcam, the discrete design looks just like a normal speaker so it blends in with any home décor. You can get the best and latest technology to check on your home, children, or pets – just give us a call today and set up your free security review to learn more.