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The best way to keep your business safe is with a security system from Amherst Alarm, but there are many other tips and tricks you can implement into your daily life to stay secure! Some of these may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to forget to lock a window when you’re busy or have new staff members coming and going.

18 Business Security Tips

  1. Make sure views of your business’s property are not obscured by landscaping and that there are no hiding spots by doors or windows.
  2. Remove any unsecured weapons of opportunity around parking lots such as loose rocks, ladders, garbage cans, or other equipment that could be used to damage or forced entry into the property.
  3. Address areas that strangers can enter your property unobserved, both interior and exterior. Set up a clear reception area.
  4. Video monitoring or an on-site night watchman can make regular checks on the premises and monitor security.
  5. If you have a yard area with valuable equipment, utilize a minimum 6-foot-high chain link fence with barbed wire. Vehicle access areas should be well lit and secure.
  6. Standard entry doors should be metal, wired glass, or solid wood. These doors should have good frames with anti-tamper hinges.
  7. Overhead doors should be constructed of metal, rigid anti-tamper plastic or thick panel wood assembly. A security or access control system can be utilized to control access and traffic.
  8. Construct windows of wired glass, Plexiglas, or anti-breakage film. Glass break detectors are also useful for detecting a break-in.
  9. Put together a “What to do List” if theft or break-in happens and inform your entire staff of the steps.
  10. Have an insurance plan that covers any losses due to theft, break-ins, or vandalism.
  11. Keep an inventory of all office equipment and products up to date and easy to track. This can also serve as proof for insurance companies of what was stolen.
  12. Conduct criminal record, credit, and reference checks as part of your employee screening process.
  13. Consider a safe room for your servers and valuable technological equipment. This room should be locked and only accessible to designated personnel.
  14. Remind employees to keep their cars locked and to never leave valuables in a visible location in their cars.
  15. Look into buying a safe for your valuables that can be stored away.
  16. Post warning signs and stickers on entry areas, perimeter fencing, windows, and doors that indicate an alarm system or video surveillance services.
  17. Employ a trusted IT person to protect your electronic information. Shred documents that contact personal, financial, or company information.
  18. Always be alert to your surroundings and be familiar with your building’s layout. Don’t be paranoid but keep a lookout for suspicious behavior from employees, vendors, and visitors.

If you have any questions about these tips or would like more information about securing your home with Amherst Alarm – give us a call today!