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Amherst Alarm provides peace of mind and security for homes all over Western New York. A key step in securing your home is making sure the system is on! Arming your system is crucial, especially when leaving the house, to make sure your home is protected. Check out the tips below to help you get in the habit of arming your system!

Put Your Keys Next to Your System

When leaving the house, there is a good chance you will be taking your keys with you. To make sure you arm your system prior to leaving, place your keys near your keypad. Going by the system to get your keys will serve as a great reminder to arm it before heading out the door. You can make a key chain holder and mount it next to the keypad, or simply place a small table with a basket for keys under the system.


Place a Reminder by the Door

Placing a reminder by the door is an easy way to get the attention of the person leaving the house. This will alert the person leaving to ensure they check if your system is armed. Simply put a dry erase board or note by the doors your family use to exit your home. Make sure you use bright colors that pop out to catch the eye of the person leaving.



Create Reminders on Your Phone

Reminders on your phone can be used for multiple situations to make sure your system is armed. Common times for a reminder to be used would be at night when you typically go to bed and in the morning before you usually leave for work. Phone reminders will help get you in the habit of arming your system before falling asleep or leaving the house. The latest technology can send reminders to you based on the different criteria you set. For example, time of day and distance from home are two variables that can trigger reminders to be sent to your phone. A notification sent to your phone will remind you to arm your system.


In homes where there are multiple people using the system and everyone is trying to keep up with their busy schedules, these tips will be useful to get everyone in the habit of checking the alarm system and making sure it is armed. At Amherst Alarm, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading service and doing the best job possible to make the homes and businesses of Western New York safer. Remember to arm your system so we can monitor your home and alert you when needed.


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