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We are very excited to announce that we have launched our new website! While you will still be able to find the tools and resources you needed from our previous website, we added some new features and pages to allow for a much-improved user experience!

Amherst Alarm navigational panel on website user friendly

Slide-Out Menu:

We have added a new slide-out menu that will allow you to navigate through our website with ease! We broke our website down into different sections, and from there, you can see the pages that are included in each section.

On top of breaking down the sections, we have included a search bar to allow you to find the keywords you are looking for. This will bring up results from pages, as well as blog posts, to get you the information you need fast and efficiently!

Products and Services:

We have included a Products and Services section of our website to provide a brief overview of all the ways Amherst Alarm is able to serve our customers! From Audio/Video Solutions to Medical Alert Systems to our Central Vacuums, we are much more than a security company. This will allow you to see all of the ways we can improve and automate your home!

Why Amherst Alarm?:

We have included a new “Why Amherst Alarm?” section to highlight the key differentiators that put us above our competitors. Learn about our company, the different associations we work with and key reasons choosing Amherst Alarm can be the best decision for you, compared to your other options. There is also a “Recommendations” section that will allow you to read testimonials from current customers.

Customer Support:

Our “Customer Support” section contains tools and resources for you to utilize as well as various forms for you to contact us with questions and concerns. User Guides and User Videos are available to help you understand your system and be the first line of defense for any issues or questions that may arise. Let us know when you are going on vacation or need service by going to their pages and filling out the contact forms. We also have an ANET login page with links to each interactive app you may be looking for. This will allow you to monitor your systems from your phone or computer if you have interactive services. Even with all of the tools and resources we have for you in the Customer Support section of our website, we are available by telephone 24/7 for any additional questions you may have at 716-632-4600!

Live Chat:

At the bottom right of our website, you are able to live chat with our customer service department during our business hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday. Through the live chat, we will be able to answer questions immediately, or direct you to the department that will be able to best help! If you are to live chat with us outside of our business hours, we will be able to reach out to you via email or by phone when we return to the office.