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Access Control package panels and key pads with key fobs

Amherst Alarm connect one business security system mobile applications

The Access Control package we have created is the perfect starting point for any business looking to have more control over who and when someone is able to enter your building. Our package also will give you the tools to properly monitor your business and easily manage who has access.

With an access control system, you are able to identify authorized individuals and allow only those people to access a restricted area. The building owner can also tell who is entering and leaving and prevent unrestricted traffic to different areas of the building by employees or visitors. The information is stored in a database and can be retrieved at any time.

Access Control package Included features sensors and system

What are you getting?

The DMP Panel offers high-quality, cost-effective option in a stylish, sleek new design. You are able to receive notifications when your system is disarmed, sending you a disarm photo to your smartphone, allowing you to keep track of who is entering your Business!

Burglar alarms are vital in deterring burglars. If an Amherst Alarm system is “tripped” a signal is sent to our UL listed 24-hour local alarm Monitoring Response Center, where our professional dispatchers are trained to respond to any emergency.

You are able to rest easy with sensors and detectors that are also monitored by our 24-hour Monitoring Response Center.

With the Connect ONE app  you are able to have the convenience to control, view, and interact with all systems in real-time from your smartphone or computer! Through ONE secure login, the app provides a powerful web-hosted service allowing for fast and easy management of all locations, systems, and personnel.

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