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Happy first day of Autumn! Although the weather has been slowly changing in Western New York, now is the time to get ahead of the season with your home security safety. Be sure to follow the below tips to ensure your home is protected over the next few months:

  • Check your sump pump sensors as the rainy and colder weather arrives. If you have an alarm sensor on your sump pump, it is recommended you test it once a month. To learn more, watch our YouTube video demonstrating why and how to test your sump pump sensor.
  • Test your other alarm systems – security and fire. With the new season comes holiday decorations, indoor gatherings, and other safety or fire hazards. Make sure your security system is equipped and ready to go as well as all fire alarms are working properly.
  • Check your windows and doors for any adjustments that need to be made. Inclement weather with a faulty door or window could activate an alarm in some circumstances.
  • Change your timers for daylight savings. In about a month, daylight savings will occur and we encourage to update your alarm systems and clocks with the right settings.
  • If you have an elderly family member living on their own, consider an Amherst Medical Alert device that could help during an emergency, in case of weather that prevents you from assisting.

Check out our YouTube page with several tutorials on testing your systems. Interested in adding a service to your home? Call us today! 716-632-4600.