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Amherst Alarms Mobile PERS

mobile pers mPERS personal emergency response system key features

Amherst Alarm’s Libris 2 improves on the groundbreaking performance of the previous units by providing advanced features for an all-in-one mobile health, wellness, and personal safety solution. Libris 2 offers greater location accuracy and improved microphone and speaker performance for crystal clear audio. With these added capabilities, Libris 21 set the mark even higher for mPERS performance.

The EverThere® cloud-based platform integrates personal safety and emergency response with proactive and socially engaging health services. Amherst Alarm provides seniors and their family members tools to track and share important health and activity information, allowing people to take charge of their health, and keep families and caregivers engaged.

mobile pers mPERS personal emergency response system key features

Key Features of our New Mobile Personal Emergency Response System:

  • Advanced fall detection for 24/7 alerts to family and caregivers.
  • Fully mobile for personal safety at home and on the go.
  • Device and event notifications for keeping the family and caregivers informed.
  • Water-resistant to 1 meter (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes. Designed to be worn in the shower.


For a brief overview of our Mobile PERS unit, watch the video below.

Give active seniors independence with peace of mind through the use of an Amherst Medical Alert system!! Caregivers will also be assured their loved ones will be able to get help whenever needed. Call Amherst Alarm today at 716-632-4600, or click the “Get a Quote” button on the top left.