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On the outside, a home may appear to be little more than bricks and mortar. But on the inside, it is inhabited by our most valued loved ones and possessions along with countless memories and traditions. We are proud to offer a range of security services for Western New York homeowners to protect what matters most to you. The following residential systems and services are available:

Amherst Alarm has been installing home surveillance and alarm systems in East Amherst and Getzville since 1984. Our team of security experts is available 24/7 at our local alarm monitoring response center in Amherst, NY.

Home Automation and Interactive Services

We also specialize in sophisticated systems that include home automation systems to control lighting, heating, and cooling. These services can provide you with security, comfort, and convenience.
ANET 24 goes beyond other remotely controlled systems by allowing event scheduling and home automation. Now your thermostat will turn down at night, and back up before you wake up in the morning. Have your home lights automatically turn off while you’re away at work. Receive alerts not only when your alarm is triggered, but you can also see who is at your front door.

Medical Alert and Response

From your shower, driveway, or garden the LifeControl pendant puts you in direct, voice-to-voice contact with one of our local 24-hour emergency response professionals, a friend or family member you trust, or both. No bigger than a business card, the LifeControl pendant is the smallest voice-to-voice emergency alert device available. We also handle all the installation and programming!

Why Choose Amherst Alarm?

Why Amherst Alarm is better than its competitors:

  • We are local and we have been around for over 30 years.
  • Award-winning monitoring, licensed techs.
  • You can get security, home automation, home theater, and central vacuum all in one place.
  • We offer discounts on upgrading your equipment!
Depending on what upgrade is needed or how old the equipment is, you may be entitled to a discount. Contact us today see if you are eligible.

Why we are unique:

  • Award-winning local monitoring, service techs, and installers.
  • Custom designed systems because every home and business is unique.