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  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring

  • Security Alarm

  • Fire Detection

  • Mobile Control

  • Live Video

  • Smart Thermostat

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Take command of your business with Amherst Alarm’s comprehensive Complete Control package. Amherst Alarm has one of the most advanced Business security systems available that is able to be customized to the needs of your business!

Imagine as you leave your business at the end of the day, you are able to press the “Away” button on your security system or smartphone to adjust the thermostat, activate your motion detector and arm your security system. With the Complete Control package from Amherst Alarm, this scenario, as well as many others customized to your needs are achievable!

You can also check in on your business while you’re not there with live video through the use of a smartphone or computer!

Worry less and keep your mind at ease when you are away from your business that is protected by Amherst Alarm!

What are you getting?

The PowerSeries Neo Touchscreen keypad has been designed with the user at ‘top of mind’. Large, clearly recognizable onscreen touch buttons and intuitive menu-driven screens facilitate ease of use and programming.

Burglar alarms are vital in deterring burglars. If an Amherst Alarm system is “tripped” a signal is sent to our UL listed 24-hour local alarm Monitoring Response Center, where our professional dispatchers are trained to respond to any emergency.

You are able to rest easy with sensors and detectors that are also monitored by our 24-hour Monitoring Response Center.

With our indoor cameras, you are able to view live video on your smartphone no matter where you are. You can set up Video Analytics to receive notifications based on various parameters you set.

Our Smart Thermostat lets you control and monitor the temperature of your business from the app on your smartphone or computer!

You can also have the ability to control your security system from a computer or your smartphone.

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