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Buffalo Home Security Alarm Systems & Services

On the outside, a home may appear to be a little more than bricks and mortar or the lumber and siding that go into its construction. But on the inside, it is inhabited by our most valued loved ones and possessions along with the traditions they encompass.

Today it is becoming more and more of a tradition for families to turn to Amherst Alarm for one of the most advanced home security systems available. Happily, they are discovering that our home security systems provide them with peace of mind when it comes to responding to everything from intruders and fire to medical emergencies.

The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) has recognized Amherst Alarm, Inc., with its prestigious 2015 Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award. The PDQ award is given to the company that promotes best practices with law enforcement to reduce the number of unnecessary dispatches to alarm customers. For more information, click here!


A monitored alarm system keeps your home, your belongings, and most importantly, your family safe and protected. Amherst Alarm is proud to have its own Monitoring Response Center right here at the headquarters in Amherst, NY.

Our 24-hour alarm monitoring services are backed by our highly trained dispatchers who are prepared and trained to react in all situations.

Amherst Alarm continues to uphold the TMA Five Diamond Certified Central Station designation. This means we are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service, training for dispatchers, industry standards, and reducing false dispatches and we are subject to random quality control inspections.

Our alarm monitoring services include Burglary, Fire, Hold-up, Panic, Low/High Temperature, Sump Pump Failure, and Carbon Monoxide.

After the dispatcher receives confirmation of the alarm, the appropriate authorities are dispatched to answer your particular emergency.

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Home Automation

We also specialize in residential video security and sophisticated systems that combine home automation systems to control lighting, heating, and cooling. It’s a truly integrated solution that provides you with security and comfort!

Reduce coffee table clutter with one remote that can do it all—and more. With one touch, you can turn on your TV, draw the shades, dim the lights, and start the movie…

Automate your home security by having your doors lock automatically at night or by having your alarm turn on after you leave for work in the morning.

Conserve energy with automated lighting control, turn off all of the lights in your house you don’t need quickly and easily.

Enjoy the ease of control all of these features from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop!

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Residential Smoke detector used with Home Security System for Fire Alerts

Smoke Detector

Over 3,000 deaths per year are associated with fires. Keep your family safe with our monitored Smoke Detectors.

Residential CO Carbon Monoxide detector used with Home Security System

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and deadly gas. Keep your family protected with a monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector!

Flood sensor used for Amherst Alarm flood detection with Home Security Sections

Flood Detector

What happens if the boiler, washer or pipes leak? Floods in your home can cause considerable damage and ruin your most precious possessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our customers has their own individual needs and concerns, so please feel free to contact us at (716) 632-4600 with any questions you may have.

Amherst Alarm is similar to any utility company; we need an adequate amount of time to process your cancellation request. Please notify us approximately one week prior to your closing date so we can get all documentation processed. We will also need to stop by your house to reconfigure the system, so alarms are no longer transmitted, at no charge. For more information, visit our moving page or give us a call at (716) 632-4600.

Contact our office, we will be glad to assist you! You will need to come to our office with ID and proper documentation for verification before any changes can be made. For more information, give us a call at (716) 632-4600.

We may be able to connect to your alarm from our service department to retrieve your code. Call us at (716) 632-4600, we will be glad to help!

You should test your system weekly. Contact our office at (716) 632-4600 when you want to test your system. A monitoring response center dispatcher will assist you with the test.

No. Most alarm systems can have multiple codes. We can help you program a temporary code for your friend to use. You can give us a temporary password to be used while you are away. Also, you may want to inform us of the dates you will be away and set up any special procedures for notification. For more information, visit our submit vacation notice page or give us a call at (716) 632-4600!

I have been a client of Amherst Alarm for almost 25 years. They installed my original system and a few upgrades over the years. They are always respectful of my needs and don't try to sell me things I don't need. Technicians are knowledgeable and tidy about their work. I live on the border of two towns and the city, and it is a comfort to know they are local, and can appropriately dispatch the correct services when needed. Do not hesitate to engage their services, after all this time I still think they are the best at what they do!
- Donna
I bought a new business in Buffalo in September 2018. Amherst Alarm Inc. is already servicing the business. I have since added many new features and services to my alarm and security system. Amherst Alarm Inc. has been with me all the way. Both my salesperson, Bob, and my technology wizard, Dan, our fabulous to work with. I feel like they have my back!
- Deborah
Zachary was prompt courteous and professional. He explained everything that was causing my issues and proceeded to rectify the problem. I’m very happy with the service provided. Would highly recommend this business for anyone considering an alarm company in the WNY area.
- Xera
We have our home alarm system & our central vacuum system through Amherst Alarm. They have always been very accommodating. Customer service has always been very professional & responsive. Hunter has always gone above & beyond with our vacuum system. It’s all so appreciated!
- Jill W.
The experience with Tony and his installation crew was easy, fast, and very thorough. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience or equipment.
- Anthony
We had a great experience with Amherst Alarm's technician, Dan. He adjusted our camera system and did a check on our alarm system. Dan spent a lot of time to thoroughly explain everything to us. We appreciate his professionalism, and would highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking for alarm services.
- Leo